Jewelry Care


Our jewelry is handmade, so please wear with care. To preserve the integrity of your jewelry, we recommend removing you jewelry before showering, sleeping, swimming and before heavy workouts. Beaded necklaces store best laying flat and in soft angles. When traveling, wrap them individually to prevent stretching and tangling.

Many gemstones and pearls are sensitive to cleansers, heat & light. Please store your pieces in a clean, dry place and away from direct sunlight. To clean, use a mild detergent solution and dry with a soft cotton cloth. Do not scrub or use abrasive polishing compounds.

Our 24 karat gold over sterling silver talismans & components are designed to form a time-worn patina. Even with gentle wear the sterling silver may be revealed and mix with the gold to look like an antique heirloom. For those who want the forever look of gold, we suggest purchasing pieces from our 14k gold collection. Oxidized sterling silver pieces may also brighten with wear.


We take pride in our craftsmanship & want you to enjoy your pieces for years to come. We will repair/refurbish our own jewelry for a fee. If a piece cannot be repaired or matched, we can give you options for how to alter it. Restringing starts at $15 plus shipping. Please inquire at about cost & options.

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