RIVER SONG began in 2004 as a reprieve from organic farming. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, our jewelry evokes the essence of the earth. 

As a dreamer and traveler, River searches for unique stones and stories. She partners with artists in Turkey, India and Mexico, sourcing fine gemstones and artifacts that echo their native lands and cultures. 

Each collection represents a deeper understanding of what is beautiful and meaningful in this world. Each jewelry piece is imbued with the magic of new friendship, adventure and heart opening discovery. River imagines and works each piece by hand in San Miguel de Allende. 

A collection of tangible happy memories.

Dainty Polki Diamond Necklace
Regular price $210.00
Mother of Pearl Flowers Bracelet
Regular price $98.00
Golden Beaded Necklace
Regular price $178.00
Night Sky Talisman Necklace
Regular price $245.00
Golden Diamond Drop Earrings
Regular price $165.00
Tab Talisman Necklace
Regular price $124.00
Carved Stone Hummingbird Necklace
Regular price $180.00
Silver Rain Cloud Earrings
Regular price $210.00
Silver Pony Milagro Necklace
Regular price $135.00
Antique Pearl Bracelet
Regular price $255.00
Baroque Pearl Fringe Earrings
Regular price $385.00
Basket Talisman Necklace
Regular price $378.00
Antique Pink Coral Earrings
Regular price $268.00
Shield Talisman Necklace
Regular price $124.00

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